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Matthew Montleon

"I've been tattooing since 2004. My style has been influenced by traditional American and Japanese tattooing. However I also love doing black+grey and custom lettering. Nothing too big or too small. I love my job"

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Charlie Montleon

"I started tattooing in 2009 with my brother Matt as my teacher. I put my own style of drawing into all of my work.When I'm not tattooing, I'm painting, drawing or playing with my kids."

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Suzanne B.

"I started my tattoo apprenticeship in 2006 under the guidance of Chris Civello. I love doing American Traditional tattoos as well as custom lettering, but I am happy to do many other styles. Having happy clients walk out the door every day is the most important and rewarding part of my job! ....I am a spartan."

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“If you can’t find Sarah at work, you will most likely find her gobbling sushi while drawing on napkins and the like, or standing at a fence telling some lucky horses about her day and the new flavor of ice cream at Stewart’s. Drawing all her life, there is nothing she loves more. An art class never taken, every cartoon show and Disney movie influenced her drawing style. Getting to create a drawing for someone that will last forever is a great and awesome thing that she will do for you with her unique style and love for what she does.”
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Johnny C.

Johnny C.

"Everyone knows John"

I have learned a lot over the past 18 years in tattooing and the business that goes along with it. But I didn’t get it 'til someone gave this to me. 
'Go beyond the safety of the rabbit-proof fence and way from narrow minded and short sighted individuals towards your philosophical, spiritual or academic interests.'

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